General Warranty Information


Loudspeaker Technology Ltd warrants new products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 6 years from the date the unit was originally shipped from Loudspeaker Technology Ltd.  The product warranty is tied to the product not customer and is therefore transferable. The EL150 and S50 Anniversary have an original owner lifetime warranty.

During the warranty period, Loudspeaker Technology Ltd. will repair or, at our absolute discretion, replace a faulty product. Warranty repairs must only be carried out by Loudspeaker Technology Ltd or our authorised service agents.

A warranty claim must be processed via an authorised Loudspeaker Technology Ltd. Distributor or Dealer except in the case of second or more owners where it may be taken up directly with Loudspeaker Technology Ltd.

All products returned as part of a warranty claim must be accompanied by a completed returns note.  No warranty claim will be honoured without a completed returns note.  You can fill the form out here.

Loudspeaker Technology Ltd’s warranty liability is with its authorised dealer/distributor.  A discussion with an end user may occur but the warranty claim must be referred to the dealer/distributor.  Until the product has been inspected by the factory no liability will be admitted.  No warranty will be honoured without a valid serial number(s) being supplied.

In the case of a claim, the product or components must be returned to the factory at the customer’s expense.  If the warranty claim is accepted, shipping costs incurred will be reimbursed by Loudspeaker Technology Ltd.


Warranty Exemptions

The Warranty does not cover wear and tear.  The Warranty on this product will be void if:

Replacement packaging sets may be purchased from Loudspeaker Technology Ltd.



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