Factory Service & Repair

NOTE: If you are based outside the UK, service/repair must be arranged through the authorised distributor in you region.  To find the distributor for your region, you can search for them HERE

ATC are proud to offer factory service/repair to extend the life of your ATC product and ensure you have many, many years enjoyment from them. It is particularly satisfying to receive a well-cared for old product, perhaps 25 years old, service it and send it back to the customer with a clean bill of health, performing as well, and sometimes better than when it was first produced.

Prior arrangement via telephone or email ( serviceandrepairs(at) ) must be made for ALL returns. This is applicable to products arriving via courier or personal drop off.

If you have a product that requires ATC factory service or repair you will need to complete two copies of our Service & Repair Booking Form. One copy must be emailed to ATC to book the service/repair. Please email this to serviceandrepairs(at) The second hard copy must be supplied with the products in question.

Please complete one form per product. Pairs of loudspeakers require only a single form.

No factory service or repair work can be completed without two completed forms: one emailed and one hard copy. If you don’t use email, please phone us. Please do not send us, ‘mystery’ products with no contact information.

Please use the address label below when shipping ATC products for service or repair.

Loudspeaker Technology Ltd. accept no liability for damage to products that may occur during shipping when returned for service or repair.  If products are returned in non-original packaging, Loudspeaker Technology Ltd., reserve the right to refuse to return the products unless original packaging is used.  This may require the customer to purchase a replacement packing set.

Please find below downloads of our Service/Repair booking form. The word document contains, ‘form fields’ which you can fill out. The PDF copy has to be printed and filled out by hand.

Download Booking Form – Word Document

Download Booking Form – PDF

Download Address Label – PDF

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