Active Amplification

Active Vs Passive – What are the benefits of an active loudspeaker system?

While it is possible to design a high performance loudspeaker using passive components, an active design has a number of benefits, these are listed below;

1) More accurate crossovers


2) Lower Intermodulation-Distortion

As the separate amplifiers in an active system are located after the crossover, they only operate over a limited bandwidth.  This reduces intermodulation-distortion and, in comparison to a passive system, even a bi or tri-amped passive system, an active system will show 15 – 20dB lower intermodulation distortion.


3) Improved Frequency Response and Stereo Matching

An active system can very simply feature individual gain trims for the two, three or four amplifiers involved.  This allows very simple fine tuning of the frequency response and the stereo matching.  Similar matching in a passive system would involve the replacement of large, soldered passive components which, in practice, is difficult and time consuming for the manufacturer.


4) Lower Cost for Higher Performance

Because an active system is designed, engineered and implemented by a single manufacturer into as compact a package as the design allows, cost is saved on electronics case work and packaging and the manufacturer can invest in real performance enhancing changes or pass the saving on to the customer.

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