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ATC Professional Mid-Field Monitor Range – 2019 Cosmetic Update

SCM50A PRO 45Deg Cutout Zoom Tight Crop Email NewsATC has given its SCM50/100/110/150ASL Pro studio monitors a cosmetic update by way of a new front logo panel.  The new panel is manufactured from aluminium, with a black anodised finish and the logo laser etched into the surface.

The fitment of the logo panel has been improved and is now screw fixed (as opposed to the previous self-adhesive fixing). Practically, this means the logo plate can be easily rotated when the speakers are installed in a horizontal configuration. The limit LEDs are now mounted to the rear of the logo panel via a small PCB so will also move when the logo panel is rotated.

The update only offers cosmetic & functional improvements – there are no performance improvements.  Updates to older existing products will not be available.  There will be no cosmetic changes to the SCM12/20/25/45/200/300 Pro.  The new style product is in production now.

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