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3FM DJ Paul Rabbering chooses ATC SCM45A Pro

“The main reason I choose ATC was the details these monitors reveal really have an impact on me. It’s listening 2.0. The first time I heard these monitors in my own studio, they brought tears to my eyes.  The pureness of the SCM45A, combined with its punch is something I have never experienced before.” 

Paul Rabbering, July 2016.


Most people know Paul Rabbering as a DJ, presenting a two hour daily show on the Dutch national radio station, 3FM. He’s also a well-known voice-over artist on Dutch television.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, alongside two other DJ’s, Paul presented Serious Request 2015, a 6 day live radio show from a Glass House in the centre of the city Heerlen, raising over 7 million Euro to help children in war zones.


But this versatile media man has yet another, lesser known quality. Paul owns a private studio where he transforms his creative ideas into concrete music productions.  Some weeks ago when Paul visited the Dutch ATC distributor Helios, he got infected with the, “ATC Bug”.  Fortunately there is a cure for this illness.  After the purchase of a pair of SCM45A Pro’s, the fever vanished like snow in the sun!

“I’m very happy with the service of Helios. Ulmt was extremely patient and gave me the opportunity to listen to various songs on many different monitor brands and models before making a decision. The SCM45A took away the last bit of doubt I might have had.  I will never forget the moment when we played Deadmau5 – some chords at a rather hefty volume, the transparency, deep bass, speed, that big sound.  I was totally convinced. It feels good having nothing left to desire.”

Paul Rabbering, July 2016.

Helios Pro Audio Solutions

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SCM19A Review – Hi-Fi Choice

David Vivian of Hi-Fi Choice has reviewed the new SCM19A for the August edition of Hi-Fi Choice.  His review was resoundingly positive with the SCM19A gaining five stars and the Hi-Fi Choice ‘Editors Choice’ status for a product of outstanding quality and performance.

Here’s just a taster of what David had to say about the loudspeakers performance:

“Clearly shot through with the solid engineering and acoustic expertise loved by fans of ATC around the world, the SCM19A is an important and effective addition to the company’s extensive domestic lineup. Used in anger with high octane rock it will make most similarly sized passive floorstanders sound somewhat flat and loose. But it does the delicate stuff with great care and finesse as well. A better advert for properly implemented active design at a relatively sane price I’ve yet to hear.”

David Vivian, Hi-Fi Choice August 2016.

The hard copy of the magazine is available from the 14th July.  Alternatively, you can download a PDF of the SCM19A Review.

Hi Fi Choice Website




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